the basics

=they or he=
=20 yrs old=


hey i'm fen. i'm a self taught artist and web dev, worldbuilder, possibly a fungal colony irl, etc etc...

look, i'm not good at writing about myself. i'm neurodivergent. i like going on wiki dives on random scientific topics (like recently radio waves and modulation and antennas). i like cats and fungi and gastropods and bugs and just creatures in general. i like making my own creatures. i code. i make creatures and worlds and web pages for them. i am a creature. an enby catboy. a mushroom cryptid... you get the point!!!

and in case you're wondering: at the moment i have no plans to do commissions due to stinky mental health :) it's awesome btw :)

we don't have any funny buttons to contribute to this aesthetic but consider my friend max corvidcurse's site and also myvstrica which i sometimes help with...

yes this is the icon of the old dA group. i still like it shut up.